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Bummer for us, good for you. Take care, you will be missed.


Thank you for all and good luck (from Poland).

Harvey Krumpet

Mate you've done the world some good in your time here, heaps of new artists I found out through your site and in the end I can never remember how I found my way here in the first place. Best of luck in the real world


Your gonna be missed man. I have been coming here for a while. It even inspired me to start my own blog and post what I thought was the best downloads. I am just recently getting into posting again on it. Take care man. http://spleenforsoul.blogspot.com/ ---stop by :)


I check your blog everyday and I feel some sort of srange bond to you. Your Mitch Hedberg post brought me to you and I stayed for the insight and for the music. Your taste is quite eclectic like mine (though some may label as "strange"). Congrats on the condo, and best of luck. I will definitely missed seeing the Boston Terrior in the upper left corner and being excited when you post something I love or introduce me to something I grow to love.
Your blog has meant a lot to me. You have reminded me of a lot of music from the past and shook me with some new stuff. I have enjoyed your hard work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND BEST OF LUCK.

You should do one last Power-Post and go out with a bang.



I know I only posted a couple times, but I checked your blog religiously, and really appreciate all the work that went into it. I got new stuff by some of my favorite bands, got a chance to check out bands I'd been hearing about forever, and got into some stuff that was completely new to me, all because of you. I also poked around on every single one of the open directories you posted and found a ton of other random, awesome crap on them. Thanks so much for this blog, and good luck with your life and whatnot. I'll miss this place.


It's hard to see this place go, I checked it everyday, and found lots of my favorite artists on here, but I understand where you coming from, best of luck to you


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